Cooker Installations

Cooker InstallationsThe company also provides specialized cooker installation service for all types of electric cookers. Installation and connection of a modern electric stove is not as simple as it may appear. Although it seems like a plug and play affair, electric stoves require some more expertise and such installations are to be performed only by a qualified electrician.

Electric stoves have to be placed and installed in a suitable location as they generate a lot of heat and have to be kept away from moisture and humidity. Electric cookers consume a lot of power to do their job properly, new cookers have multiple functions, fan heated ovens and a number of hotplates on top. All this requires a lot of electricity. It is recommended that your existing electrical system be inspected by qualified electrician to check if it can take the extra load of the new cooker. If necessary we can rewire or build new circuits for the cooker for extra protection. Our technicians can perform the check up for you prior to the cooker installation. They will inspect all fuses and wiring, along with sockets and outlets to make sure that no part of the domestic power system will be compromised by the new appliance.

If customers still haven’t chosen their desired cooker, but wish to have the electrical inspection done beforehand – we can do it and we can also suggest a cooker that matches the existing power system and will not strain it. We can even go one better and disconnect and remove your old cooker to open room for the new one – one less hassle for you.

All our customers will be provided with a free of charge, no obligation quote before any work is done or commitments taken. The work we do comes backed by a guarantee of high quality and excellent workmanship – our technicians work in accordance with British Standards. The company is fully licensed to perform electrical repair and maintenance and has full trade insurance for customer peace of mind. Keeping our prices competitive and reasonable is a vital part of our business policy.