Fuse Box Repairs

Fuse Box RepairsThe fuse box, also known as fuse circuit or consumer unit is the electrical contraption that is placed between the electricity flowing into your home and the interior circuits of the house. Fuse boxes are always hard at work and take a lot of beating from use over time. Since they are under constant pressure to perform, the fuse boxes have to be checked, serviced and inspected on regular basis in order to avoid power dropouts, short circuiting or even electrical fires. Specialist electricians and safety inspectors cannot stress enough the importance of an up to date and properly functioning consumer unit.

If you discover a problem with your fuse box, other than clicking the fuse protector back in place, then be sure to call us for professional and timely assistance. Most of time, faults with fuse boxes occur because of overloading due to high power consumption. It may be that older consumer units cannot take the load of modern day appliances or were improperly wired to start with thus resulting in cutouts and shorts. Our technicians will follow the problem wire or appliance to and from the fuse box in order to pinpoint the exact problem. Usually, the problem or part of the same, is that multiple wiring is ran through the one fuse, this in turn overloads the fuse and results in either short circuit or power outage.

Our people will determine the exact cause and suggest possible ways to solve it. If necessary we will replace the entire fuse box or consumer unit with a newer model which is in compliance with the latest domestic and commercial safety and anti fire regulations. We recommend installation of newer model fuse boxes also because a potential trip will result in cutting out only the overloaded circuit where as older models would cut power to the entire property altogether, which is quite a hassle for the owners, especially if young children are present. Our work is done using the best, certified products and spares on the market thus ensuring high quality of work and peace of mind.