House Rewiring

House RewiringWiring happens to be one of the more sensitive parts of domestic or commercial electrical systems. Problems with wiring can be due to one or many different factors like unqualified interventions done in the past or simply wear and tear from years of use. Regardless of the reason, when a problem is discovered a partial or entire rewiring of the property is recommended in order to avoid electrical faults and potential short circuiting or electrical fires.

It is a common misperception that rewiring of a property needs to be done only when a problem or fault occurs, from a professional and safety point of view, we recommend that a periodic visual and technical inspections be performed in order to spot and resolve problems earlier on rather than dealing with them when too late. Our expert technicians are qualified to perform such regular inspections and have the required experience to be able to spot problems before they have happened, which is great news for our customers.

The spotting of faults and the follow up maintenance can save a great deal of money as in some instances only a partial rewire is needed, in problem areas with higher power consumption for example. Customers need to be aware that rewiring as a process is not as simple as it may seem, paying the necessary attention to all fuse boxes, switch boards and sockets is vital when ensuring new wiring will do its job properly. This is the reason why we check, repair and if needed replace any sockets, outlets and fuses throughout the property – all this is done by our qualified electricians.

All our work comes with a guarantee for quality and durability. Should the need be there for a complete rewiring, all work will be done expeditiously, neatly and with minimum hassle to our customers or their business. All interventions done on the property will be coordinated with the customer and will not be done until their approval. Our people perform their work using only high quality, proven materials and spares from leading manufacturers thus ensuring lasting and safe results.