Lamp Replacement

Lamp ReplacementThe company also provides lamp repair and replacement service. The service is performed entirely by our team of fully qualified and certified electrical technicians. The service is particularly valuable for establishment owners where the need for the correct lighting is an absolute must as required by health and safety regulations. Our technicians perform the service for both domestic and commercial customers. We are qualified to replace all types of light tubes or light balls and also spotlights and downlights with fixed illumination units.

For commercial customers, we offer the option of only partial lamp replacement as opposed to complete change of all the light fixtures – good news for establishments operating in larger spaces where numerous light emitters are required. We can also provide lamp fitting and installation service for new buildings, both domestic and commercial. For domestic customers, we can provide advice and professional opinion on selection and choice of correct types of light bulbs for the interior and exterior of their home. Newer light emitting systems are more environmentally friendly, consume less power, have longer lifespan and will save you a notable amount of money when used over long period of time.

The company can also perform lamp repair services for specific light fixtures or fixtures of considerable value. We work with all the leading light emitter manufacturers in order to be able to maintain and supply all customer required types of tubes and balls, including modern illuminated gas emitters. Our electricians can provide suggestions and help customers work out a plan for the purpose and use of different types of lights and lamps and advise on where they need to be placed for optimal efficiency throughout the house.

If a complete lamp replacement is needed for the entire property, the company can offer you affordable and sensible pricing for the entire job. We can also supply the necessary parts and install them for you. We also do follow up maintenance for jobs previously done. We guarantee all parts used are of genuine origin and will be installed or replaced in accordance to all power safety regulations in place.