Landlord Certificates

Landlord CertificatesSince the mid nineties, the government has required each person acting as landlord over a part or of an entire property to present a Landlord Certificate of electrical system and goods compliance to health and safety inspectors and tenants. The same has been required of rental and estate agents in order to let properties on the real estate and rental markets.

The landlord certificate is used to show and ensure that all appliances are working fine and are no danger to anyone using them. The certificate also shows that the property and its entire electrical and wiring system are sound and not a threat to appliances connected or people using those appliances. We provide full scale electrical testing for appliances and grids alike. All tested equipment will receive a safety rating of 1 to 4.

This rating is used to prepare a test report which shows the level of compliance and respectively the level of safety of the entire power grid. The report covers testing of wiring, circuits, capacity and usage. The report is prepared using the latest and most efficient types of electrical grid analysis software. Our people will include recommendations and suggestions in the report, should the need be there. The report is initially in digital form, so copies of it can be supplied to concerned parties almost immediately.

For any work or required repairs raised by the report, please consult with our technicians on the site for possible solutions and necessary actions. They are fully qualified and have the necessary experience to provide an adequate and safe solution or maintenance scheme for the particular problem. We understand that landlords and agents alike are required by law to provide one such test report to those concerned, this usually happens on a very short notice and carries a considerable urgency with it, therefore we aim to provide quick and efficient service provided in the shortest amount of time possible. As this service is mainly needed by landlords and estate agents, the company can offer special rates and prices for customers with multiple properties.