Mood Lighting

Mood LightingMood lights and mood lighting are becoming increasingly popular lately. People are using mood lights to decorate and add ambient atmosphere to the outside and inside of their home. Such lights are fitted in gardens, front yards, pools and of course lounge rooms and entertainment rooms. These lights can add dramatic or subtle light effects to any space or area. Our company specializes in selection, installation and fitting, repair and maintenance of most types of mood lighting.

Our expert technicians will be able to install chosen fixtures even in the most hard to reach places – so you don’t have to. We also specialize in the installation and set up of dimmer switches and dimmer lights, our technicians can zone down your home into different areas thus giving you extra control over the light intensity in different rooms. We can install and set up outdoor mood lights either in the front and back yard or fixed lights for your home’s facade.

We provide regular maintenance and repair for outside fixtures as those may require extra attention due to regular weather exposure. Our technicians are also qualified to set up and install entire light systems for the whole floor or house. They will match available hardware with the capacity of the house electrical system in order to prevent blow outs or shorts. Each system can be tuned and set as per customer requirements, we will take the time and effort to discuss and explain benefits and let downs of each available option so that our customers can make an informed choice of equipment. We can also provide special temporary mood light set ups for exceptional celebrations and occasions like a set of Christmas lights or the illumination for a birthday party.

We provide certain LED light services such as diode replacement or entire LED unit replacement. Prices for kits, parts and complete set ups can be surprisingly affordable with all the new spec technology on the market. We provide and work with multiple brands and manufacturers in order to cover all customer requirements and suit all customer budgets.