Outdoor Electrics

Outdoor ElectricsOutside lighting is one of the most desirable and appealing features of our modern homes. It brings great atmosphere and brightness to any occasion and time spent outside. It also happens to be one of the most functional and useful pieces of electric equipment around the house as it adds certain amount of security to the property and therefore it has to work properly all night, every night. Usually, faults and problems with outside lights occur due to adverse weather and prolonged exposure to the elements – it’s not just rain and moisture that can ruin the outside lights – intense sunlight and summer heat can make a mess of sockets and other plastic parts just as well. Our technicians can perform detailed checkups and inspections of all the outside light fixtures and all wiring leading to the fuse box.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with light fittings but it’s the wires that are at fault as they have been exposed to the elements for too long – hardening and cracking of wire insulation is a regular sight. Our electricians can repair and replace if necessary, any type of outside light fixture or light bulbs. No light set too high. We can also help out with professional advice on how to space out garden and exterior lights for optimum efficiency and maximum ambient atmosphere. Sheds and summer houses are becoming quite the thing to have in one’s backyard these days, therefore they need to be wired and connected properly to the main power circuit of the house.

If necessary we can run underground or special obscured wiring through the garden to connect your additional buildings without any danger to people. Our people are also qualified to repair and perform electrical maintenance on other garden additions like electric fountains or water pumps for example. Such pieces of kit are subject to constant use and have to perform in most weather conditions – we can carry out periodic maintenance and make sure they’re working properly and they are not straining the rest of the electrical system. We guarantee high quality work and results.