PAT Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Portable Appliance TestingAnother one of our specialized services is PAT or portable appliance testing. The PAT procedure is carried out by our team of fully qualified and licensed electricians. PAT involves testing different appliances and devices using a portable special meter or machine able to pick up electrical current faults or problems. The appliances which need to be regularly PAT tested include all electrical goods of 18 or less kilograms, which are connected to the main grid by way of lead and plug.

The purpose of the PAT is to certify that electrical goods and appliances are in full compliance with safety codes and regulations. This is especially important for commercial establishments and rental properties. Our technicians will provide customers with a compliance certificate showing that all electrical appliances are working properly and in regulation. Such certificates are widely requested by safety inspectors or tenants before moving into new rental properties.

All the appliances and devices we test will be labeled with the appropriate markings to indicate their compliance and readiness for use. Actual PAT testing involves visual inspection for obvious faults or damage and technical inspection using special equipment for revealing internal problems. As PAT is required mainly for commercial establishments, we can offer speedy service and special price rates for higher number of testable appliances. We recommend that PAT testing of normal use appliances be done once every twelve months – this applies to electrical goods that have not shown any indication of faults or problems, if such have been noted then timely professional assistance is needed. For heavy duty appliances or appliances undergone recent heavy use, we recommend that PAT testing be done once in every six months – again this is if no other problems have been detected meanwhile.

We understand that in many cases costs and hidden charges are the main reason why people avoid using the PAT service. We believe that electrical safety is for everyone, therefore we keep the PAT service costs at minimum making it affordable and easily accessible to more customers.