Periodic Reports

Periodic ReportsA service directly related to the issuing of landlord certificates is the periodic test report or periodic report. The periodic report is the result of gathered electrical data during the periodic test. The periodic test and the report are carried out by our fully qualified and experienced, electrical technicians thus ensuring high quality of work and no errors. They will use professional equipment and calibrated test kits for extra accuracy. A periodic test and report is to be done at regular basis, especially for rental properties which change tenants often. The periodic test inspection includes testing of all existing house wiring, including earth bonding, damage to electrical infrastructure and instrumental testing of circuits.

Any problematic areas or obvious issues will be stated in the report, these problem areas will be given a priority rating of one to four, this in turn shows the urgency and level of danger each problem carries and causes. Our people will provide adequate professional advice and suggestions on how to go about dealing with the problems at hand. If any parts of the electrical system or wiring are not in compliance, our technicians will duly note those in the report and suggest further action and repair. The periodic test also involves detailed testing of the consumer unit or the main fuse box of the property, along with any other additional circuit parts.

The testing encompasses all light fixtures and fittings and checks for loose connections of visible wire damage. We try and perform the test as quickly and efficiently as possible as report results are needed usually in a very short period of time. We can perform the periodic test in a convenient for the customer time – we do work with flexible hours. Based on the test results, our technicians will prepare a no obligation quote including the necessary repairs and parts in need of replacement.

The quote will show suggested service and repair costs including taxes. The company is able to provide special rates and offers to landlords and estate agents willing to test multiple numbers of properties.