Shower Installations

Shower InstallationsProblems with the shower can occur unexpectedly and can be quite a nuisance, especially when it happens while someone is in it. In some other instances, shower problems have been discovered a while ago but lack of time and attention has put shower maintenance at the back of the line. If this sounds much like your shower situation then be sure to give us a call and we will solve all your shower woes quickly and efficiently. Many things could go wrong with an existing shower set up. Problems and faults can develop and appear on parts like the mixer, the waterline, internal and external plumbing etc. Such problems don’t necessarily have to be caused by negligent or improper use; the fact that the shower is used multiple times a day is enough to put it through its lifespan.

We have a fully qualified team of expert shower and bathroom fitters and plumbers ready to tackle any wet room job involving a shower. We can do maintenance and repair on the actual shower and all other parts of it, including shower basin plumbing. Our people are fully qualified and posses the required experience to perform an excellent job on both existing and new shower systems. We can install and fit an entirely new shower system if required, with all parts included.

If our customers are unsure of what type of shower system is needed for their particular situation, our expert fitters will be happy to provide professional advice. They can help out with the tech specs of the shower like capacity, functions, placement within the shower basin etc. Our people are qualified and trained to perform work on any type of shower, including wall mounted, ceiling mounted, electric showers or remote controlled showers, we aim to provide complete service backed up by a sound expertise and extensive knowledge.

We keep our prices competitive and sensible, in times like these, every buck counts and we want to keep the way we do business open and fair. We will charge only for actual work done and actual spare parts fitted.