Smoke Alarms

Smoke AlarmsSmoke alarms do save lives. They are utterly important when keeping your family, yourself and your home safe from fires. The company provides professional and complete fire and smoke alarm service. Our crews are fully qualified and certified to perform work on fire alarms ensuring proper installation and maintenance of these sensitive devices, as there is no place for error. The technicians will carry out work on all grades of standard smoke alarms from A to F – this includes fire and smoke detectors, both battery and electricity operated units. We perform specialized maintenance on electric smoke alarms, we can do battery check up so that the device will remain operational in the event of a power outage. We will also inspect existing wiring and connections to make sure each one is connected properly to the power system. For larger or commercial properties we can perform checkups and diagnostics for interconnected (networked) smoke and fire alarms to ensure that in the event of fire, all units are working accordingly throughout the entire building.

Our electricians can do work on higher grade, special alarms like those with strobe warning lights and vibrating pads, we can also work on related security systems like sprinkler systems or electric door systems. We perform regular checkups, repair and maintenance of all types of basic battery operated smoke alarms, including ionization and optical battery operated units, although quite basic in technology, these types of alarms are very effective.

Our people can also install evacuation or emergency lights connected to the smoke alarms in order to alert people with poor hearing or vision of potential fires, we can do repair and maintenance for the lights as well. We can suggest and install alternatives to those mentioned above such as alarms with ten year batteries or alarms with silencer buttons. These are more expensive than regular nine volt battery alarms but will save money in the long run from batteries and maintenance costs. The smoke alarm service is quite reasonably priced as we believe that fire safety should be accessible to everyone.