TV Installation

TV InstallationAs more people these days are switching to flat panel TV sets, there is a growing need for professional installation and set up. We understand that new flat panel TVs can be quite an investment and their installation and set up should not be left to just anyone. This is why we have a team of highly skilled and fully qualified TV, video and audio technicians able to perform exceptionally on any job. Some of these flat panel TV sets are bulky and heavy, awkward to lug around and mount on walls or stands.

Our experts can mount your flat panel TV to any wall using any suitable stands or TV brackets. We will inform you if there are any issues with mounts or stands prior to installation as TV falling on the floor a week later is absolutely unacceptable. Our people can use the manufacturer supplied wall mounts and brackets or use custom selected, proven aftermarket mounting parts. We can also supply you on the spot with most types of leads, cables or temporary aerials and antennas in case manufacturer parts have been faulty or misplaced, not an uncommon situation. Another special type of mounting we have is plastic conduit encasement. This type of mounting involves placing the flat panel TV in a special plastic casing which can then be painted in the according colours of the room for added style and subtlety of installation marks. For more permanent installations, our technicians can cut out holes in the plaster walls of the interior to place the flat panel TV precisely, they will of course obscure any leads and wires from view and leave you with a TV that seems to have come with the house – a great, clean look.

We have a number of ways for obscuring and hiding dangly cables, our people will suggest the most appropriate way after reviewing the particular set up you got. We will work cleanly and neatly, we guarantee high quality, neat results. If necessary, you may request our technicians to tune and set up the flat panel TV for your convenience.